When it comes to seduction, the beauty industry needs to get its act together

When it comes to seduction, the beauty industry needs to get its act together

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By MATT HOFFMANNEW YORK — For a while now, there’s been an argument brewing over the best way to describe what’s happening in seduction: A combination of the past decade’s blockbuster trend for women seeking out older men and the growing popularity of older women seeking seduction as a way to attract younger men.

In a time when seduction has become a mainstream phenomenon and young women are increasingly taking to dating, the two camps seem to be at odds.

As the seduction trend continues to gain traction, there are still two camps that want to talk about seduction and its relationship to older women.

One camp, led by Ashley Madison founder Nick Denton, is pushing for a seduction culture in which younger men are more important to younger women.

This is a position that comes from the same old playbook of blaming young women for the lack of love and acceptance they’re receiving from older men.

This position is also based on a misunderstanding of seduction itself.

It ignores the fact that women who are sexually active and are attracted to older men are often sexually attracted to their male counterparts as well.

So it’s not necessarily a bad thing that older women are looking for older men in the same way that younger women are.

It’s not that they’re not looking for it, says Ashley Madison’s founder Nick Dorsey.

In fact, he says he is a very sexually active man.

“I’m very sexually attracted [to] women.

I just don’t do it for them.

And I’m not going to pretend I don’t like older women.”

But there’s another way to look at it, he adds.

“What I mean is, you’re attracted to someone and you want to date them, and then they have a problem.

That’s the beauty of seducing, right?

So I don (want to) seduce other women.

So what do you do?

What do you say?

Well, what do I say to that?”

What’s so problematic about this argument is that it makes assumptions about what is attractive to older people, which is very problematic in itself.

When you look at how older women use seduction to attract older men, there isn’t a whole lot of emphasis on “niceness,” as many older women argue.

In reality, older women tend to have more of a preference for younger men, and older women generally seek out younger men to satisfy their needs.

That doesn’t mean older men should be ignored.

Older men are attracted by older women, and it’s a matter of course for older women to be attracted to younger men too.

But what’s wrong with the seductive approach to seducing that Denton and other proponents of this position seem to believe?

There are a number of reasons why older women don’t necessarily want to be seduced, but the most common reason they’re attracted isn’t the seducer himself, but rather the seducee herself.

That is, they’re responding to a lack of acceptance of older men by being attracted to them, which can be confusing, especially if that’s not the first time they’ve been seduced.

It might seem that older men aren’t as desirable as younger women, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

According to a 2009 study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, older men were rated as less desirable than younger men and were perceived as more emotionally distant than younger women by their peers.

That lack of emotional distance could be due to the fact they’re physically older, which makes them less likely to want to attract or date someone who is older.

In addition, older people are also more likely to be judged by others to be more controlling than younger people, and a 2010 study published by the journal Psychological Science found that older people were rated more negatively for being passive and less assertive than younger adults.

This could also be a contributing factor to older-male rejection.

So while older women may be less sexually interested in younger men than younger girls, that doesn’t necessarily mean older women aren’t attracted to young men as well — even if they are more sexually attracted by them.

In a recent study conducted by University of Michigan researchers, researchers asked undergraduates to rate the attractiveness of a variety of young men and women based on their own attractiveness.

The researchers then asked the students to rate a new face-off, in which the participant was asked to choose between two women who were both older than themselves and had similar physical features and body types.

They then rated how much younger the participants were, how much older the participants’ partners were, and how much of an older-than-average appearance they had.

They found that the younger participants tended to rate their own face-offs as more attractive than the older participants’ matches, but not necessarily older than them.

The participants also rated their partner’s looks and personality more positively than did the older women — suggesting that younger men were more attracted to