‘Wanderlust’ is now a reality with the arrival of ‘Wanderer’ brand

‘Wanderlust’ is now a reality with the arrival of ‘Wanderer’ brand

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With ‘Wanderinglust’ being the first new brand launched in the new decade, the Irish beauty market is in the midst of a frenzy, with sales soaring.

The new line is a new venture by Australian beauty brand Wanderer.

It is a collection of new products, but the brand also has a long-running line of existing and new products.

The company, which launched in 2013, launched its first product on October 31, 2017, in Ireland, a new brand for Ireland, which is known for its soft-focus approach to beauty.

Wanderers products include a line of moisturisers and a range of skincare products, including its own beauty serum line.

In 2018, Wanderers’ Irish brand started selling its products in the UK, and it has now launched in Australia.

The brand has attracted attention in Ireland by launching a line called ‘Walkinglust’, which it describes as a “natural-looking product” which is “perfect for anyone who wants a softer, more uplifting complexion, without the artificial contouring”.

“Wanderinglights is a truly beautiful product that gives your skin the very best look and feel it deserves.

Its natural-looking and feels like it’s on the skin,” it says on its website.

“Wanderinglight’s formula has a light, refreshing feel and feels gentle and natural.

The wanderer is a beautiful, gentle, and effective skin care for those looking for a natural, natural-feeling face that looks good and feels good. 

Wandering lights is a gentle, natural face product that feels like the skin is on the inside.” 

Wanderinglights has also recently added a range to its existing line, which includes a skincade, an eye shadow palette, a makeup palette and more.

It launched in January 2018, but is still in its early stages, so far it has only sold two of the brand’s products in Ireland. 

“The Wanderer range is a great way to give people the opportunity to take control of their skin’s natural look, and to find a product that looks, feels and feels great on your skin,” says Wanderer’s managing director, Pat O’Connor.

“The products range includes a range that’s really easy to use and great value, but we also have a range for people who are looking for something that will give their skin a natural-beautiful glow.” 

The company has a growing base of existing products, which include a range with a range and a product from the brand “Wanderedlights” as well as new products from the new line. 

In the UK it has sold some products, such as its ‘WANDERLIGHT SPF50 PA+++’, which retails for £39.99. 

It is selling a range from its ‘PURPLE’ range which retail for £21.99, and “PURLY” which retires for £22.99 The brand is also launching a range in the US, called “WANDERS” which includes “Wanderlights SPF30 PA+++” which goes on sale in February 2018 for $29.99 for the entire line, and also includes a “WANGOVERER” and “FALLING FIVE” line of products which retailed for $28.99 and $34.99 respectively. 

 WANDLER has already announced its UK and Ireland launches. 

The product range is set to be launched on February 24. Follow RTÉ News