Jouer Cosmetics, BPerfect cosmetics in Serie A

Jouer Cosmetics, BPerfect cosmetics in Serie A

September 24, 2021 Comments Off on Jouer Cosmetics, BPerfect cosmetics in Serie A By admin

Jouers cosmetics brand has been in the news recently after it was reported that its sales rose by 6% in January, a claim that was later retracted.

However, the company’s CEO was later accused of using the sales numbers to boost his company’s valuation, and has since been forced to resign. 

Jouers is the biggest brand in the French soccer league, which has just finished its third season, but it is also struggling in Italy.

The brand has struggled to keep up with other brands that have also experienced strong sales growth in recent years. 

BPerfect is one of the largest cosmetic companies in Italy, selling products that include contact lenses for men, women, children, and seniors, and facial masks for people with conditions like eczema, eczemia-related dermatitis, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and eczemas. 

However, the brand also sells cosmetics for women, which is also a market it does not have in France. 

Despite its poor sales, Jouermans CEO Vincent Brouillard was able to increase his company by 2,400% in just one year, which means that Jouercos profit margin is now almost double that of its competitors. 

The company is currently under investigation by the French antitrust authority over alleged anti-competitive practices. 

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