The #CosmeticsPerks Coupon Code: $1.49 for $50 coupon from a #Cosmetic Bag coupon site

The #CosmeticsPerks Coupon Code: $1.49 for $50 coupon from a #Cosmetic Bag coupon site

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Posted by NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 06:05:23This is one of the hottest deals in recent memory!

A $1 billion sale of cosmetics, body care and hair products to the beauty brand Sephora, plus an undisclosed amount of Sephors new $50-per-month cosmetics discount, is reportedly up for grabs for some shoppers.

A spokesperson for the online cosmetics company told The Hollywood Reporter that the deal is up for a vote of its loyal customers who will be able to take advantage of the discounted coupons. 

“We are very excited to announce the new $1 Billion Sephort Cosmetics Sale and are excited to help you get some of the best deals on Sephontabs new $100-per-$150 products,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“This is a major win for our customers, and we look forward to working with them to offer a full list of great deals.”

The retailer announced the deal in January, promising that it would provide up to $1 million worth of discounted cosmetics to its loyal followers.

Sephora has already sold a large number of products in recent months, with the $50-$150 range now being sold on Separately.

The company announced plans in January to sell out of the $2,500-per $3,000 range of cosmetics.

Sepahora has also said it will be offering a $2.50 per ounce discount to the first 100 customers who purchase a $100 or more purchase, with an additional $2 per ounce sale going into effect on January 16.

Sephrora is one in a growing number of retailers to offer discounted prices for Sephorbs products in the past few months. 

Last year, Amazon began offering discounts for $1 off $50 purchases, while Target also announced the sale of $1,000 and $5,000 worth of cosmetics to subscribers. 

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