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Beauty guru says ‘beauty is not just a name’

October 29, 2021 Comments Off on Beauty guru says ‘beauty is not just a name’ By admin

The beauty guru behind one of the biggest names in the cosmetics industry has told the New York Times that beauty is not only a name.

Dr. Lisa Bloom told the paper that her career is based on “finding ways to change the way we think about beauty and the way that people see it.”

The outspoken makeup artist, who is also a professor of pediatrics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said her primary goal is to “change the way people see the world,” but she also believes in changing the way women look.

“The beauty industry is one of those things where there is a great amount of stigma attached to it,” Bloom told Times reporters.

“But we’re trying to change that by helping people see that beauty really is not a name.”

“I want people to see it is an amazing journey,” she added.

Bloom has helped many celebrities like Rihanna and Beyoncé to break out of the “makeup industry” stigma.

She also has an entrepreneurial spirit, as she has helped create a line of makeup products that she sells in her home state of New York, where she also has a small cosmetic office.

The former beauty industry consultant said that the industry is experiencing a shift, and that the makeup industry will be able to better compete for a bigger market share, especially in emerging markets.

“I think this is an industry that has to change, it has to adapt,” Bloom said.

“There’s an opportunity in the makeup business, and we need to seize that opportunity.”

She also believes that cosmetics are becoming more accessible to young women, and said the makeup world needs to create an awareness campaign that includes young women.

“We’re just starting to get there,” she said.

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Which Macys Cosmetics are worth the price?

July 4, 2021 Comments Off on Which Macys Cosmetics are worth the price? By admin

With the launch of the brand’s new Beautybox line, we’ve been hearing about the brand for quite some time.

And now, the brand is making its debut in India with a launch event.

The beauty company has opened up its website to showcase its newest beauty products, which include a range of high-end cosmetics, skincare products and foundations.

The beauty box is priced at ₹1,100 ($1,260) and is expected to hit stores later this month.

It’s worth noting that the brand has been expanding its beauty product lineup with the launch last year of the new “Beautybox” line of beauty products.

The brand has also been launching new products in the past with the brand offering a line of high end products in collaboration with A-list beauty brands.

“We believe in quality.

Our beauty products are high quality and affordable and we believe that the best product is the product that is unique and that is the beauty box,” said Shailesh Dhar, vice-president and MD of cosmetics at MAC Cosmetics.