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‘The Kardashians’ stars get in on a new makeup trend

December 1, 2021 Comments Off on ‘The Kardashians’ stars get in on a new makeup trend By admin

The Kardashians have a new trend.

It involves a high-end makeup brand that’s all about making your face look better.

The Kardashian Beauty line of high-quality makeup was launched in October 2016 with an initial run of $99 products.

A month later, the brand launched its high-price line of products, priced at $200.

The new line includes a full range of high quality products, including a new line of “Beauty Primers” that includes high-impact lipsticks, high-definition eye shadows and lip glosses.

The brand’s Instagram page is now celebrating the launch of the line.

“The Kardashias are celebrating the new beauty trend, #BeautyPrimers, and are taking orders to get a sample of our new line.

It’s all part of their #KardashiansBrand campaign to encourage new consumers to take up the beauty industry.

They have an all-natural and all-dressed line of lipsticks and a new range of lip gloss to help people achieve their full makeup look.

The line includes high quality lipsticks for women who want to go bold, and we’re excited to bring high-performance lip products to a new generation of makeup lovers,” Instagram said in a statement.

The Instagram post also showed photos of new products and a photo of a product in the box.

It included a photo caption reading, “A sample of the #Beautylips new line #Beautymatter Primer.

Just a few of our #Beautys Primers.”

The new beauty products are also available in a new online store called BeautyMall.

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La Girl Cosmetics’ LaGirl brand to expand to Canada, USA and Mexico

September 11, 2021 Comments Off on La Girl Cosmetics’ LaGirl brand to expand to Canada, USA and Mexico By admin

With the launch of its brand LaGirl Cosmetics, La Girl will expand to more countries and more markets in Canada, the USA and in Mexico.

The brand is set to open its first retail stores in Canada in early 2019, in Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary and Regina, and will expand its footprint to more markets with its other international distribution.

LaGirl Cosmetics is a collection of high-quality products with a strong, long-lasting appeal.

It is formulated with natural ingredients that help to nourish and hydrate skin, while keeping it hydrated throughout the day.

La Girl has been on the cutting edge of beauty for over 15 years and has been recognized as one of the leading beauty brands in Canada and the USA.

The product lineup has been carefully curated to ensure its high quality and high value.

LaGirls high-end products have been the inspiration for countless fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands.

La’s flagship beauty brand La Girl, which is currently in the process of expanding its presence in Canada with new stores in Ottawa and Edmonton, is a pioneer in the category of high quality, high value cosmetics.

LaGirlia, LaGirl’s sister brand, is also expanding its beauty portfolio to Canada with stores in Edmonton and Calgary.

La Girlia Cosmetics is a boutique brand that has been founded by the parents of one of Canada’s most successful female entrepreneurs, Gia Cusak.

LaGirlias focus is on quality, creativity and design that reflect her entrepreneurial spirit.

La is currently a leading brand in Canada that offers a wide range of high fashion and beauty items including skincare, hair care, and cosmetics.

It also carries a range of fragrances.

La Beauty is a natural-based, high-performance, long wearing, and nourishing product that has a wide array of ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, essential oils, botanicals, extracts, and natural skin-care products.

The brand’s beauty products range from makeup, skincares, skin care and fragrance to skincases, hair creams and skincreams.

La Beauty also has a line of high end fragrance and hair care products.

LaBeauty is a premium brand with a focus on making products that are natural, long lasting and have a high impact on the skin.

LaBeauty’s products have a broad spectrum of ingredients and are formulated to deliver the highest quality and value to the end user.

La has been the brand of choice for the most recognized women in Canada for nearly a decade.

The La Beauty brand has been used by countless celebrities, fashion designers, fashion magazines, celebrities and celebrities’ personal assistants.

La makes an important statement by launching its brand in a country with the highest rates of cosmetic-related cancers in Canada.

La beauty brand, La, will be available in the LaGirl stores in Toronto and Montreal in the fall.

LaGirl has also established a La Beauty shop in Edmonton, Alberta.

La was launched by the Gia family in 1992, and has grown to become one of Ontario’s largest beauty brands, with a presence in more than 100 countries worldwide.

La and Gia have launched LaGia Cosmetical in partnership with the Giacomo Baccalieri Foundation.



July 15, 2021 Comments Off on BESAME FASHIONERS – BESAME EXCLUSIVE! By admin

The Fashion Guys are a collection of all the brands that make up BESame Fashion, and these are the ones that are the best!

All of the brands are all named after iconic products or brands that we love to love, and so the brands can all stand together as a family.

It is a beautiful family of brands that are sure to spark your creativity, and we couldn’t be happier that we are making it all available for you to experience!

Be sure to check out our other articles, including the best beauty products from top brands, plus exclusive looks from our favorite brands.

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