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Ultra beauty line launches in Malaysia

October 20, 2021 Comments Off on Ultra beauty line launches in Malaysia By admin

Ulta Beauty is the latest cosmetics brand to launch a range of cosmetics in Malaysia.

The company is launching the new line, 100 Pure cosmetics, at the new store at Kedah Town Hall, which opened on October 30.

The cosmetics range is available in two colour options: a light grey palette for $40, and a darker grey palette with more shimmer and sparkle for $60.

The range is also available in a palette of three different shades: a rich brown with shimmer, a dark brown with sparkle and a medium brown with glitter.

The products in the 100 Pure range are formulated with ingredients from around the world, and the products are infused with 100% natural ingredients, according to the company.

The products will also be available in different skin care styles, including foundation, brows and powder, which are all 100% free of parabens and other phthalates.

The 100 Pure Cosmetics range is priced at RM1,000 per jar.

The company says that its range is designed to be easy to use and offer a wide range of products for every skin type.

For instance, the range includes the following products:A moisturiser that’s made with a blend of hyaluronic acid and plant extracts that has an anti-inflammatory effect and can help restore and restore the skin’s moisture and moisture balance, for the perfect complexion, texture and shineA skin cream that has a gentle, non-irritating finish that nourishes and moisturises, and helps to restore and revitalise skin’s tone and texture, for a healthy, radiant, radiant complexionA face moisturiser which has a pH neutral and non-greasy base and is ideal for all skin types, for an even complexion and a softer, smoother complexionA skin treatment that includes an antiaging, anti-aging serum that helps to keep skin moisturised and smooth, and also contains antioxidants, for easy, quick and effective application of skincare productsA lipstick that has been infused with the perfect blend of botanical extracts and moisturising ingredients that helps skin stay soft and hydrated and delivers a long-lasting, smooth finishA lip tint that’s designed to help keep skin and skin tone hydrated, as well as delivering a flawless finish, with the ultimate aim of providing a perfect, even complexion, to complement and improve the skin textureA hair care product that includes botanical ingredients, which have a soothing, moisturising effect, and has a moisturising, hydrating effect, for soft and soft looking hair, for both men and womenA mascara that has had its ingredients added to it, for its natural, long-wearing, long lasting and lightweight properties, for achieving the perfect look and feel for a flawless, soft, soft lookA skin mask that includes the perfect combination of botanicals and natural ingredients to help deliver a healthy glow, and to protect against the effects of the sun, for protecting the skin and protecting the scalp from the effects and harmful effects of sun exposureA lipstick shade that has undergone a natural colouring process, that has the perfect, natural, rich, matte finish and texture for creating a flawless and vibrant colour that is perfect for both women and menThe 100 Sephora Collection, Ulta and 100 Pure will be available at the Kedan Market in KL on October 31, and at the mall at the same time.

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How to make your skin look better with cosmetics

September 8, 2021 Comments Off on How to make your skin look better with cosmetics By admin

Make your skin appear more youthful with beauty products that help you look younger.

Here are some of the best natural products that will make you look like you did when you were younger.

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When are you going to release your latest products?

June 23, 2021 Comments Off on When are you going to release your latest products? By admin

Stila cosmetics announced that they are going to update their line of makeup products with a new formulation.

They are now making a new product with a unique formula that they hope will appeal to both cosmetic professionals and the more traditional beauty-loving consumers.

The new product will be launched in October and will be priced at around $19.99.

The company says that the new formula is based on the latest innovation in the world of lipsticks, highlighting its long history of innovation in lip products and the new formulation is inspired by the world’s highest quality lipsticks.

Stila is the first cosmetics company to introduce a new lipstick formulation that incorporates an advanced technology called Bio-Tech to enhance its color, texture, and glide.

The formula is the result of a partnership with an advanced biotechnology company, Biorix Biopharma, which is responsible for the development of the bio-technology used to make Stila’s lipsticks and other lipsticks used by the cosmetics industry.

Stilas new lip products will be available at Stila retail stores nationwide starting in October.

The new formula will be made with a proprietary blend of ingredients to enhance the beauty and look of the formula.

The lip products contain a mixture of organic ingredients, while the other ingredients are derived from natural ingredients.

Stils lip products are a popular and popular way to make the best lipsticks for everyday beauty.

The Stila line of lip products is the best in the market, with their premium-grade formula and unique ingredients.

The brand is also known for its rich and luxurious scent, which was recently praised by consumers and fashion magazines.

Stila has been making cosmetic products for a long time, and the company has created a long list of successful products.

The company has been known to release new and innovative products every year.

Stylists at Stilams sister brand, Tarte, were also excited about the new Stila lip products.

According to Stila, the new lip formulas will help make the new products even better.

Stiles team says that they have taken a very hard look at the lip products they have launched and made a very unique formula to bring them to life.

Stilyls new Lip products will go on sale in the United States starting October 14th, with the rest of the world launching the new formulas on October 29th.

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